Mini Centrifuge

Model: TA0000020
Power Supply: 85~264V / 50-60 Hz
Power: 45W
Max. Speed: 500-12000 rpm
Max. Centrifugal force: 9660 rcf
Motor: DC24V/ DC PM motor
Timer: 1-99min/ 1-59sec
Max load: 6/8 * 15/5ml tubes
Max permitted density: 1.2g/ml
Acceleration time to max Speed: <12s
Braking time from max speed: <16s
Ambient temperature: 5°C ~ 40°C/80%
Dimension (W/D/H) : 194mm * 229mm * 120mm
Weight: 2kg

Mini Centrifuge: 1 unit
Rotor: 1 unit
Centrifuge tube adapter: 1 set
Rotor lid: 1 Unit
Operations manual: 1 unit

Micro Centrifuge

Model: TA0000010
Electric Source Input: AC 100-220V/ 50-60 Hz
Rate of work Input: 25W
Motor: DC24V
Control: PI/ power direct drive
Fuse: PPTC/ Self recovery fuse
Rotor capacity: 2/1.5/0.5/0.2ml * 8 0.2 * 8 * 2 (PCR)
Max. Speed: 10000 rpm
The maximum relative Centrifugal force: 5,610Xg
Size (Length/width/height) : 158mm/ 172mm/ 123mm
The noise at highest speed: <45 db
The fasted acceleration time: < 3s
The fastest deceleration time: < 3s

Micro Centrifuge: 1 Unit
Angle rotor: 1 piece
PCR rotor: 1 piece
0.5ml and 0.2ml Adaptor: Each 8 pieces
Certificate: 1
Warranty: 1
User's manual: 1
EPDM cushion: 1

Mini Gel Electrophoresis

Model: MiniES
Cat number: TA0000110
Input Power : AC220V - 1A
Output Voltage: DC35V, DC50V, DC100V
Timing: 0~99min
Migration Tank Specs: 120mm*110mm*45mm (inner dimension)
Buffer Volume: 250ml~300ml
Comb Specs: 3mm*1mm*22
(Teeth width*Teech thickness*Teeth no.)
Gel maker Stand:110mm*60mm and 54mm*60mm (Dimension for each section)
Gel Tray Specs: 110mm*60mm and 54mm*60mm Fuse: 250V 1.5A
Overall dimension: 190mm*130mm*55mm (W*D*H)
Net weight:0.45 kg (without AC transformer)

Main device: 1 pc
Power cord: 1 pc
Gel maker stand (A): 1 pc
Gel maker stand (B): 1 pc
Gel Tray (A): 2 pc
Gel Tray (B): 4 pc
Combs (A): 2 pc
Combs (B): 4 pc
Ac Transformation: 1 pc
User manual: 1 pc